Stationary Unit


Temporary and safe restraint of handcuffed prisoners.

Mobile Unit

We've completed the unit based on feedback and demand by numerous agencies, as well as input from officers in the field. The mobile units have all the same "easy to apply" features built into the stationary design.

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The ideal solution for police departments, booking areas, booking centers, detention centers cell blocks, court rooms, processing centers, prison intake, and more.

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The SPAR is a stationary prisoner restraint device that is ideal for police departments, booking areas, detention centers, cell blocks, prisoner processing centers, prison intakes, courtroom facilities, or any other venue where a prisoner needs to be safely secured.

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Feature Set

Feature Stationary Unit Mobile Unit
off-vertical tilt for ergonomics
padded sidebars
machined rounded edges & corners
connection ring for leg shackles
single piece seat with no seams
powder coated metal surfaces
high grade vinyl padding
enlarged seat backing
under-seat shackle-ring attachment
rear handcuff attachment
quick release seat-belt
padded head unit assembly
wall anchor point new!
low center of gravity
tip resistant 33" square base
360 degree low resistance wheels
1200 lb maximum capacity (300 lb / wheel)
zero radius turning
foot applied wheel brakes x4 (each wheel)
push bars on rear of unit for ease of movement
3" base clearance for uneven concourse
large footrest plate for prisoner


  • Increased efficiency in handling prisoners
  • Reduced time in handling prisoners
  • Less manpower needed for application
  • Keeps officers in a position of advantage
  • Does not interfere with circulation or respiration
  • Reduced injury to officers AND prisoners
  • Reduced Workers' Compensation claims
  • Reduced overtime payout related to officer injuries
  • Eliminated confusion during application
  • Simple installation
  • Space friendly
  • Simple to clean and maintain


Shipped directly from the manufacturer, each unit is ready to deploy immediately upon delivery. The SPAR is a sound investment and a bargain for any agency's budget. Price includes shipping.

Call at 800-524-5427 or email for a quote on products offered by Police Innovations, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the SPAR different from other restraint chairs?
The SPAR does not incorporate any additional straps, cuffs or belts when a handcuffed prisoner is seated in the device. This minimizes the potential for injury to prisoner or, in the case of other restraint type chairs, potential injury to multiple officers to apply fittings. The SPAR has a ring under the seat to attach leg irons to prevent kicking. Leg irons can be applied to a prisoner already seated, with minimal risk of injury, unlike other devices.
Are there any restrictions on size of prisoner with regard to use?
As with any other restraint devices there are limits to size. SPAR does accommodate a very high percent of prisoners according to size. An extremely large prisoner may not fit comfortably. A very tiny framed prisoner may have a little more room while seated in the SPAR. However, based on the quick and secure application, adjustments can me made to the restraint bar to fit a prisoner.
What makes the SPAR a better consideration for use for agencies?
The SPAR can be quickly and easily applied. Use of multiple officers to secure a prisoner in the SPAR is less necessary that other restraint type chairs. When a prisoner is properly and securely restrained, it does not interfere with normal respiration, or circulation to extremities like other restraint chairs on the market. Should a medical or other type emergency event occur, a prisoner can be quickly removed from the SPAR as fast or faster than it would take to seat them.
What assembly is required after delivery?
None. Removal from packaging and proper installation per the included mounting/ installation manual is all that is required before it is ready for use.
What is the cost of a SPAR unit?
The SPAR at it's full MSRP price is considerably less than other restraint chairs in the industry. We recommend calling for pricing as an order for multiple units for an agency can be sold at a reduced cost per unit depending on the size of the order. It is quite economical.
Is the SPAR unisex?
Yes. The SPAR will accommodate male or female prisoners.
Is the SPAR medically safe from the spreading of bodily soils and blood or fluid borne pathogens?
In today's world, communicable diseases are a big concern in the law enforcement and corrections industry. The covers on the pads are made from a high grade vinyl. They are easy to clean with any type of cleaning solution typically used on hospital beds or equipment in prison settings. The metal portions of the SPAR are powder coated, also for simple cleaning.
Can pads and covers for the SPAR be replaced?
Yes! All pads and covers are made with high quality Velcro attachment sewn into the padding covers for the purpose of cleaning and easy quick replacement. We will ship out additional pads and or covers with your order for your immediate replacement, if you wish. There is an additional cost based on the cover or pad that is needed. They can also be ordered individually for replacement as may be needed.
Is the SPAR made in the USA?
Yes, it is. All of the components are manufactured in southeast Pennsylvania. We conform to standards and are registered with Our DUNS number is on file for search and for government purchase.
What is the cost of not having a SPAR in your facility?
With the ever rising number of claims of prisoner injury and injuries to officers in facilities, how much are you willing to spend on settlements, workman's comp or overtime staffing to cover for an injured officer until you have one or more of our units?

Matthew Planer, President
Owner/President Of Police Innovations,LLC. Patrol Sergeant, Field Training Officer, Use Of Force Instructor, Tactics Instructor and Firearms Instructor with over 30 years experience.

PoliceInnovations, LLC is operated by veteran police officers with years of training and experience in the Law Enforcement field.

Customer Quotes:

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"Real nice. We are enjoying it. Easy on us."

"Working out well. Only had to be used a handful of times."

"Working good as designed."